Jan Hehr Composes Music!


Jan Hehr is a composer specialized in video game soundtracks. He loves to work on visual novels and has been making music since a very young age. His inspirations have been games such as Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls Series, Resident Evil and Doki Doki Literature Club. He is working together with Watercress Studios, Latte Coffee VN and Fallen Snow Studios to bring you the newest visual novels.


I wonder if one day I’ll get fan art of my characters. Wouldn’t that be awesome?😊

Hello my friends, you can now contact me on whatsapp! Do you want to hire me or got any questions? Just shoot me a message. I will see you there!


Hey dudes, I finally got around to making that Patreon! Support me if you wanna see some good shorts and ongoing series!

Got Alien Isolation for only £6.50 today! What a steal.

OK, everyone the mod DDPN demo has been released!
Here is the download page : https://t.co/0CMqTexBNK
@JanHehrComposes is our music composer, thanks for being a part of our team!
Do look forward to full release! https://t.co/jRU1zJdJt6
JanHehrComposes photo